Security Services

Contact Information

Please call: (405) 232-2132

Services and Benefits

Crown Heights - Edgemere Heights has a very low crime rate,primarily because residents have banded together to contract with the Bureau of Professional Security for a twenty-four hour patrol,365 days a year. The patrol’s presence has decreased crime by about 95% since the first year. In addition to emergency response,a variety of personal services are available to paid members,including:

  • Checking the house when you are out of town,including picking up mail,newspapers, and notifying emergency contacts if a problems occurs,

  • Checking on the welfare of a family member when desired,

  • Performing security checks inside the home or yard upon request,

  • Maintaining vigilance for lost pets,

  • Jumping a car battery or help changing a flat tire,

  • Checking on a disabled or elderly person living alone.

Security Patrol services are available only to Security Association members.

Dues are $660 per year payable monthly ($55), quarterly ($165), or annually. 

Thank you for your interest in neighborhood security!