Resident Questions


Historic Preservation (HP)

Looking to modify your house? You may need to get a certificate of appropriateness through the city’s HP Commission. The neighborhood’s Historic Preservation liaison to the city can support you with your application (more information on who currently serving in that role is found here).

Also, more information on the process of applying, please see the city’s webpage on the HP process.

Pet Registry

Pets are the best! The neighborhood pet registry allows the neighborhood to help you take the best possible care of your furry friends. More information about the who currently maintains the pet registry is found here.

If you have a new pet or are new to the neighborhood with pets, please reach out and let us know about our furry neighbor friends.

Oklahoma City Action Center

Contact the Action Center to ask questions or report non-emergency code violations, such as high weeds, abandoned vehicles or other neighborhood problems. 

For a police or public safety emergency, dial 9-1-1. For a water or sewer emergency, call (405) 297-3334.