Menorah Lighting


20 years ago,

City Councilman Mark Schwartz lived in Crown Heights. He and a friend made the menorah out of oilfield pipe. The neighborhood supported his wish to display it on the Shartel island, and then a few years later after Mark passed away, Marcy and Louis Price became dedicated to continuing the tradition, lighting the electric candles each of the 8 nights of Hanukah and gathering friends for a first night brief lighting/song session. 

Fred and Judy Krueger have repaired the menorah over the years and Robin Orbach has jazzed it up with her artistic talents.

Sometimes neighbors hold a “First night of Hanukah” gathering with lighting and songs.

Hanukah comes during the darkest month of the year, and while it is not a major holiday like Christmas, it reminds us to “increase the light” each night with and every day through acts of kindness and compassion and to appreciate the blessings of freedom.

If you’re interested in volunteering for this event, click here.