Resident Resources

Part of our neighborhood, Crown Height, lies within an Oklahoma City Historic Preservation District. An HP District is protected by unique zoning ordinances specifying what, when and how structures in the District may be modified, built or destroyed by owners. Permission for these changes must be obtained from the Mayor-appointed Oklahoma City Historic Preservation Commission.

The ordinances were updated in 2003 and included the addition of Neighborhood Design Review committees. Residents of each HP District with extensive knowledge and experience of HP rules and processes volunteer their time and non-binding advice to homeowners. Their goal is simply to make the process as successful as possible by being an informational conduit between residents and the HP Commission. While they do make monthly reports and recommendations, only the HP Commission decides which actions to take for or against property owners.

In general, owners must request and receive a Certificate of Appropriateness, or “CA,” from the HP Commission before any modifications or additions are made to any exterior feature of a home.  The intention is to protect the integrity of the entire neighborhood’s historic significance and character. All interior modifications and any regular exterior maintenance, such as painting or replacement of exterior features with like materials, do not require a CA. You can find extensive information online at OKC Planning Department’s website.

Historic Preservation Guidelines. The City of Oklahoma City Council formally adopted the “Preservation Guidelines and Standards for Oklahoma City Historic Districts” on March 11, 2003. These took effect on April 10, 2003. Crown Heights/Edgemere Heights is included. Crown Heights guideline map. For more visit here.

  • City applications and schedules including those for certificates of appropriateness, etc.
  • Garage Sale permits and information
  • Voting: Precinct 478 (west of Shartel) votes at Crown Heights Baptist Church – 4802 N Western Ave and
  • Precinct 479 (east of Shartel) votes at Crown Heights Christian Church – 4020 N Western Ave. For more information visit the Oklahoma County Election Board
  • Bulky Trash Guide – Pickup on Wednesday after the first Monday
  • Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule