Block Captains

Captain's StreetCaptain's NameCaptain's Number
36th Terrace (East of Shartel)Brenda Walters525
36th Terrace (West of Shartel)Mina Henry835
37th Street (West of Shartel)Julee Coyle912
37th Street (East of Shartel)Ranae Jenkins516
38th Street (West of Shartel)Amy Bockus Skinner828
38th Street (East of Shartel)Allison Loeffler609
38th East CoCaptainClaudia San Pedro555
38th Street (East of Walker)Jane Clark408
39th Street (West of Shartel)Maggie Clayton812
39th West CoCaptainMalena Crandall816
39th Street (East of Shartel)Ellen Ingram616
39th Street (East of Walker)Jane ClarkLives in EH on 38th
40th Street (West of Shartel)John & Denise Ziegler908
40th Street (East of Shartel)Kathy Wood612
40th Street (East of Walker)Kris BarnettLives on Harvey PKW
41st Street (West of Shartel)Ursula Bowling1004
41st Street (East of Shartel)Kelly Cordray540
41st East CoCaptainRoger Heiliger540
41st Street (East of Walker)Andy & Kathy OntkoLives in EH on 42nd
42nd Street (West of Shartel)Theresa Nicoletta805
42nd Street (East of Shartel)Charlotte Silva700
42nd Street (East of Walker)Andy & Kathy Ontko301
Harvey ParkwayKris Barnett3908
North OlieMina HenryLives on 36th West

Block Captains are definitely the unsung heroes of the neighborhood!  Their primary job is to distribute flyers door to door to make sure everyone gets notice of neighborhood events.

Ideally your Block Captain would also help your block organize a block party a few weeks before the

4th of July to organize a parade float.  It typically takes a group of people to make that happen, so they need your help.   Don’t be afraid to offer your assistance!