CH-EH Board

At any point in time, about two dozen of our neighbors are involved in working on the Board of Directors.

Crown Heights – Edgemere Heights Homeowners Association (founded in 1973) is the non-profit entity that provides services to the residents of CH-EH like organizing and funding the Fourth of July Parade and Picnic.  CH-EH Improvement, Inc. (founded in 1980) is a 501(c)3 charity that maintains public spaces like the parks, gateways and the Shartel Median; it also erects and maintains public items like the gateway markers, Crown Heights HP signs and the historic streetlights.

Board members are elected simultaneously to the boards of both corporations at the Annual Meeting of the members on the second Sunday in February.

Monthly Board meetings are on the third Tuesday of every month.  No meeting is held in July and December.

Proposed Bylaws to vote to be announced

Homeowners Association

CH-EH Improvement, Inc.

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