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Click here for Historic Preservation Guidelines and applications for a Certificate of Appropriateness.



The Neighborhood Alliance publishes Crime Reports on the web. The reports are organized alphabetically by neighborhood, so the info for CH-EH is usually after page 60.


An Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture prepared for the Oklahoma Historical Society and hosted by The Oklahoma State University Library Electronic Publishing Center.
Search on “Crown Heights” to find over a dozen references to our neighborhood.

Please report code violations (unmowed lawn, vehicles parked in the yard, non-historical replacement of windows in Crown Heights, etc.) to the OKC Action Line.  If you prefer, you may call the Action Center at 297-2335.

As you can see from the picture on the right, the end of 40th Street was UGLY!
The industrial-zone orange barricade has been replaced with tasteful diamond shapes.
We appreciate the cooperation of the City Manager and City Engineer!

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