1. Whom do I contact about Lost or Found items?

Presently. there’s no specific volunteer. Please inform the Board via the contact form.

2. I know that a solicitor must show me a valid license,but how can I be sure that the license shown by a solicitor or peddler is correct and valid?

Oklahoma City Code requires an official license be issued by the Oklahoma City Police Department;it is a single,solid piece of plastic the size and shape of a credit card. The picture of the solicitor is on the face of the card,and,like everything else printed on the card,is a part of it. This is not a laminated card with a picture pasted on it before lamination! There’s an image of the Police Chief’s signature on the back.

(Thanks to SSgt. Michael D. Black of the OCPD for providing information and a sample license. The Police and the City take the view that no one with a record as a dangerous person should be allowed to receive a license. If ever in doubt,call 911,and let the Police check the person out.)

3. I have a concern or an idea about a traffic issue in CH-EH.

The CH-EH Board has an active Traffic Committee that would like your input on problems we need to address as a neighborhood and on your ideas for resolution. Please contact Janis Powers at her home number as listed in the directory,or use this form to contact the Board via email.

4. How do I report a light is out or one of the neighborhood light poles is damaged?

Call the chairperson for the Street Lights and Markers committee. In 2011,this is Judy Krueger.

5. I have or need recommendations for people who do plumbing,painting,cleaning,etc.

Take a look in the most recent issue of The Chronicle. Reputable companies advertise in it – and they’re a great place to start.

6. Whom do I contact about submitting articles or advertising for the CH-EH newsletter,The Chronicle?

Christine Eddington is the editor of The Chronicle. Contact her at 

7. Is there someone I should notify about a new car?

There’s really nothing official that you need to do.
If you belong to the Security Association,you can call BPS and let them know.
To request a new CH-EH pineapple sticker,contact the CH-EH Board.

8. I have an issue. For example “My neighbor’s grass is too long.”or “There’s an abandoned car on the street.”

If you don’t feel comfortable speaking directly with your neighbor or you don’t know who’s responsible for the problem,you can call the OKC Action Center at 297-2535 or file an Online Action Request.

9. I recently purchased a home in CH-EH. What do I need to do for the Homeowners Association? Am I signed up already via the previous owner until then,or do I need to sign up myself?

The link to the current dues statement is here

If you move in after August 1st,basic ‘Heirloom’dues are reduced by almost half to $40 at present rates.

Any additional amount you pay for ‘Heritage,’‘Historic’or ‘Heights’membership is a tax-deductible donation.

Since the greatest part of the membership is a donation,there is no carryover from the prior owner.

10. Can I join the Security Association without joining the Homeowners’Association?

Yes,these are two separate organizations with separate boards of directors.
Click here to link to information about joining Security.

11. Please explain why there are different associations in CH-EH and how they’re related.

The situation with memberships is a little confusing in CH-EH. Unlike newer neighborhoods where there are required dues,CH-EH associations are voluntary. In fact,there are three Corporations involved.

The CH-EH Homeowners’ Association,Inc. collects dues and organizes the neighborhood activities like the 4th of July parade and picnic,Oktoberfest,etc. It puts the lions share of the dues into our 501(c)3,CH-EH Improvement,Inc. which erects and maintains public works like the gateway marker at 36th and Walker,the street lights,flowers in the medians,etc. Both entities are managed by the CH-EH Board of Directors.

The CH-EH Security Association is separate from the other two entities,and they have separate dues. Please refer to question 7 above.

12. We would like to purchase a Historic Plaque for our Crown Heights home. How much,and whom do we contact? What year do I need?

As of February 2010,the cost is $375,but the price changes often. Contact the Board to get the process started. Once the order is placed,it takes about a month to receive your plaque.

The year your house was built is listed at the bottom of the record on the County Assessor’s website. You should confirm that information with another source.

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